Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Introduction, starting with blogging

January 2014
I am Dominik Urban, currently studying MA Computer Animation and Visual Effects and I will use Blog as some kind of production diary of what I have created and learnt here at University of South Wales onwards.
The reason of that is to keep track of my experiences, progress and knowledge. SOme posts will mention my ideas, people I met and events and lectures I attended, plans and projects I decided to jump aboard or just was thinking about, also showing my learning progress with various softwares I use here at USW and how it develops.

I study MA Computer Animation. I am the only person in the class. That's because the class is fresh new, it was registered summer 2013. My class is merged together with another Master degree classs, MA Visual Effects with amazing lecturer Matt Leonard.

Here I start writting my blog, starting from today onwards. It's 28.01.2014.

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